welcome to my site!

Please read this before continuing!

this site is -mostly- mobile friendly, but is best viewed on desktop. the webmaster is ship and let ship, a minor, and knows that thought crimes don't exist, so they accept all folks with paraphilias! they are also accepting of ALL identities- excluding TERFS, radfems, the like- including transids and xenogenders! if this makes you uncomfortable, please navigate away now.

the webmaster often forgets to properly tag and separate different forms of content, so view at your own risk. profanity likely ahead, as well as eyestrain, the occasional flashing gif / lights, things that may trigger you, etc. view at your own discretion.

however, most importantly, the webmaster wants a cozy sliver of the internet, and encourages anyone who longs for the same to join them in their goal! have a wonderful day x

welcome home! ♡